About MGM

At MGM, with the vision to create next-generation eSports athletes, we are developing an eSports Platform for Mobile Games.

MGM is an eSports platform where players can access various multiplayer mobile games to play & participate in the online tournaments. Player has a choice to participate in a different type of tournaments format like daily matches, weekly &  monthly tournaments, inter-city eSports leagues. Play, participate & represent your city in your favorite game.​

A platform having ad-free online multiplayer games, real money games, unified tokens & redemption store.

Simply participate, compete and win prizes all day! Once the results are announced for the tournament, winners can redeem at our redemption store with your favorite brands.​

There is more than one way to earn on MGM. Refer the app to your friends & family and earn M-Tokens every time they join the app. So what are you waiting for? Download our App soon.